3 Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Care That Can Change The Appearance Of Your Teeth For The Better

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If you don't like the way your teeth look, and you're not sure what kind of treatment will help, make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry can completely change your smile through a variety of dental treatments. Your teeth can become whiter, longer, or straighter. The dentist can close gaps in your teeth, cover chips, and make your gums longer or shorter.

If there's a way to improve your teeth, a cosmetic dentist can probably do it. Here are three ways cosmetic dentistry care might give you the attractive teeth you want.

1. Put In Implants To Replace Missing Teeth

Many cosmetic dentists put in dental implants. Implants replace missing teeth, so if you're embarrassed because you have a gap from one or two missing teeth, your cosmetic dentist might recommend implants as the solution.

The implant goes into your jaw to act like a tooth root, and the top has a crown attached. If the crown is placed in the front teeth, it will probably be porcelain since porcelain looks the most like a natural tooth. Filling the gaps with natural-looking teeth could make a big difference in your smile.

2. Whiten Teeth With Lasers Or Veneers

Whiter teeth can make your smile more attractive and make you feel more confident. If your teeth have stains from smoking, beverages, or food, you might want to try laser whitening. This treatment can make your teeth several shades lighter in just one visit, so it's a quick way to get whiter teeth.

If you have gray stains from a tooth injury or antibiotic use as a child, laser treatments may not work. If that's the case, your dentist might use veneers to cover up the front of your teeth. The thin layer of porcelain can be made the shade of white you like best, so you can have white teeth at last, and the shade of white lasts permanently.

3. Provide Clear Aligner Trays To Straighten Teeth

Aligner trays work like braces except you can take them out of your mouth when you want. You're allowed to take them out when you eat, drink, and brush your teeth. Other than that, it's best to leave them in as much as possible so you get quicker results from wearing the trays.

You wear the trays to work or school, but since they're clear, they are hardly noticeable. If you have mild problems with crooked teeth, your cosmetic dentist might be able to correct the problem by giving you clear aligner trays to wear.

For more information about cosmetic dentistry care, contact a local dental office.