4 Reasons You Made Need A Dental Crown

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Taking care of your teeth is the best thing you can do if you wish to enjoy good dental health for the long term. Of course, this will require a certain amount of discipline and commitment on your part to do. It may be possible that you may need a dental crown at some point in life, and it's imperative to get one if this is the case. Being aware of some reasons that you may require this dental procedure may be helpful to you.

Reason #1: Extensive dental decay

One of the most common reasons that it may be necessary for you to get a dental crown is due to having an excessive amount of tooth decay. If the amount of your decay is past being fixable with a dental filling, you'll want to obtain a crown, and your dentist can recommend this.

Reason #2: Repair a worn down tooth 

It's possible for a tooth to become extremely worn down over time, and if this happens, it may be necessary to get a dental crown. Rebuilding the tooth will prevent the need for an extraction, and this is much more desirable than losing a tooth.

Reason #3:  Cover a dental implant

If you've lost a tooth in the past and want to replace it, you may want to get a dental implant. This is a surgical procedure that will place a titanium post in your jawbone that will hold your new dental restoration for you.

It's most common for patients to get a dental crown that will cover the implant and allow you to enjoy this replacement tooth.

Reason #4: Getting a dental bridge

One of the things you'll want to do if you've lost one or more teeth is to have these restored. Failure to do this could lead to your other teeth shifting, and this may create further dental issues later in your life.

In order to build the bridge, your dentist will use dental crowns, and these will serve as your replacement teeth.

The good news is you can maintain your dental health when you rely on dental crowns to do so. These can fix a number of issues you may have with your teeth and could prevent tooth extraction for most individuals. Be sure to work closely with your dentist today to have this dental procedure completed to enable you to enjoy optimal dental health.