3 Things Your Dentist Can Do To Make Your Wisdom Teeth Removal The Best Experience Possible

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If you are going in to get your wisdom teeth removed, you will be happy to know that there are several things that your dentist is likely going to do to make your wisdom teeth removal the best experience possible for you. This article will discuss 3 of these things.


For many people, the thought of being awake during their wisdom teeth removal is frightening. Thankfully, most dentists provide the option of sedation, so this isn't something that you are going to have to stress about. The anesthesia is going to make it so that you won't remember any aspect of the procedure or feel anything as well. This is going to make the experience much more comfortable for you than if you were awake and simply numb for the procedure because you would still be alert and awake to feel pressure, hear loud noises, etc. 

Pain Medication

Different people are going to feel different levels of pain when they have their wisdom teeth removed. This is also going to vary depending on whether or not their wisdom teeth were grown in, if any of them were impacted, if all four wisdom teeth were removed, etc. However, because you are likely going to experience some level of pain, regardless of these things, your dentist is gong to prescribe your pain medication. You will be advised to only take this medication if you feel that other pain relievers, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, aren't enough to lessen your pain to a manageable amount. This is going to make your recovery a much better experience for you because you won't have to experience unnecessary pain.

Detailed Instructions 

While your doctor may verbally tell you some things right before or after your wisdom teeth removal in terms of your recovery, you likely aren't going to remember what they tell you very clearly. This may be due to your sedation, nerves, etc. Because your dentist realizes this, they will have detailed instructions printed up and sent home with you. These instructions are going to explain to you how to care for the open pockets in your mouth, such as how and when to change your gauze and how to brush your teeth. These instructions will also explain to you what foods you should eat and what foods you are going to need to avoid. This will also include your dentist's number in the case of an emergency and reasons why you should call immediately. This can help you to properly care for your mouth after surgery, and make your recovery go as smooth as possible. 

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