3 Ways To Protect Your Dental Implants During A Hockey Game

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Losing teeth is considered an occupational hazard by many hockey players. While many players have missing teeth replaced with dental implants, it's important that players take the time to protect their implants from further damage in future hockey games.

Here are three simple things you can do to help preserve the integrity of your dental implants during your future hockey games.

1. Invest in a custom-fitted mouthguard.

While most hockey players know that wearing a mouthguard can help prevent dental damage from occurring, few take the time to think about the benefits a custom-fitted mouthguard can provide once dental implants have been installed.

Since a custom-fitted mouthguard is made by a qualified dental professional, your dentist will be able to design the mouthguard to offer additional support to your dental implants. Protecting against deformation during impact is essential when it comes to the success of mouthguards, and custom pieces are made from materials that are 3 to 4 mm thick. These thicker mouthguards offer delicate dental implants the protection they need to remain intact during big hockey hits.

2. Always wear a helmet fitted with a cage.

Protecting your mouth against impact is important when you want your dental implants to remain intact. Opting to wear a helmet that is fitted with a cage can give you the protection you are looking for without compromising the quality of your game.

Wire cages protect your mouth from coming into contact with elbows, sticks, and other objects that could damage your dental implants. Be sure that when you fit your cage it rests snugly against your chin. A cage that is too long could allow your nose and mouth to collide with your mask upon impact.

3. Consider removing implant-secured prostheses before a game.

If you have a bridge or other implant-secured prosthesis in place, you may want to consider having your team's dentist remove it before you play in a hockey game. By removing the prosthesis device, you ensure that it will not sustain any damage during the course of the game.

Since the implant posts remain securely installed in your mouth, the team dentist will be able to reinsert the prosthesis once the game has concluded. For more information, contact a dental office, such as Riverdale Dental Arts

Finding ways to protect your dental implants during a hockey game will help you avoid costly dental repairs or replacements. Invest in a custom-fitted mouthguard, attach a cage to your helmet, and have a dentist remove prostheses before a game to keep your dental implants in good condition.