Does Your Teen Hate Their Store-Bought Mouth Guard? Head To The Dentist

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If your child won't wear their store bought mouth guard you molded to fit their mouth and it's uncomfortable, get to your family dentist (like Niantic Dental Associates P C) and have a professional mouth guard made. If their sports coach suggests that they have one it's with good cause.

It's reported that mouth guards prevent about 20,000 oral injuries in the United States annually, and your child should wear one during any type of contact athletic event. Here are a few benefits to getting the mouth guard from your dentist, opposed to the store bought one your child doesn't want to wear.

Comfort and Positioning

The dental professionals will take a mold of your child's mouth, and then the mouth piece is made from that. It's made with a very durable and smooth comfortable plastic, and the dental expert will make sure it fits properly before they leave the office. Your child won't have to worry about it falling out during play, wiggling around, or getting in the way of their breathing.

Prevent Injury

The mouth guard does more than make sure you child doesn't knock out any of their teeth. It also prevents your child from biting through their tongue or lip, or biting into another player. The plastic will absorb force to prevent the bones from breaking or shattering throughout the face, and it will prevent damages from contact with sports equipment. All of these injuries could be life altering without a mouthpiece in place.

Best for Teens with Orthodontic Problems

If you have a teen suffering from an orthodontic problem and they wear braces, the custom fitted mouthpiece is going to fit over the braces without complications, to protect both the braces and the smile at the same time. If your child has to wear a retainer or anything else for orthodontic reasons, you don't want to put them at risk without protection any time they are at practice or in a game.

Your health insurance company or your dental insurance provider may be willing to pay for some of the cost of the mouth guard, or they may pay for the entire bill because it's going to protect your child's smile. You don't want your child to go through the pain of an oral trauma because you didn't enforce wearing a mouthpiece during their athletic activities, and you don't want them to have lifelong dental expenses because they have a problematic smile after the injuries.