Here's Why Your Teeth Are Sensitive And Look Oddly-Textured

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Healthy teeth should be smooth, pearlescent, and relatively even with one another. However, not everyone's teeth look that way. If your teeth have a bumpy, uneven, or pitted surface and you're experiencing tooth sensitivity, then there's a very good reason behind the problems that you're having. Here's what you need to know about the condition your teeth are in and how to take care of them.

Childhood Pitting

Chances are if your teeth have always looked this way, that you have a condition called pitting. This is something that often develops in childhood. It's important to know that if you've had this condition for as long as you can remember that it's not your fault. This condition would have happened while your teeth were still growing, so you had no control over it.


Pitting in adult teeth is typically caused by an excess of fluoride when you were a child. Fluoride is typically good for teeth, but in excessive amounts, it can cause the enamel of the teeth to form oddly, creating pitting. Unfortunately, this enamel is also sometimes defective or may not be evenly spread across the surface of the tooth. If you don't have enough enamel on one part of the tooth, the nerves underneath may be experiencing some sensitivity as a result.


Sensitivity in teeth should always be addressed by a professional dentist. After all, sensitivity can be caused by multiple conditions, so it's important to ensure that pitting is what's wrong with your teeth.

When you visit a dentist, they'll take a close look to determine what the cause of your tooth problem is. They may utilize x-rays in order to do this. If it's determined to be childhood pitting to blame, then your best bet for improvement is crowns.

Dental crowns are designed to go over the tooth, completely hiding it from view. They can make your teeth look healthy, smooth, and normal. However, they can also help to limit the sensitivity that you're having.

Crowns are able to do this because they block the tooth from coming into contact with anything. This acts almost like a second artificial layer of enamel, also decreasing your risk of having cavities and the like.

Never ignore sensitivity in your teeth. Whether it's due to pitting or something else, sensitivity is an issue that can get a lot worse without treatment. What might seem sore or sensitive now could turn into outright pain without care. Consult with a dentist and get the help that you need ASAP.