Why Your Dentist May Recommend A Root Canal

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The idea of root canals may make you feel uneasy, especially if you have never had the procedure done before. While it is a dental procedure that is often feared by patients, there have been improvements in the process that have made the procedure easier to perform and more comfortable. The treatment can make you feel much better in the end, which is why your dentist may recommend one in the following situations.

You Have A Deep Cavity

A typical cavity involves some light drilling and a small filling. However, some cavities can be quite deep and end up causing you pain due to how close it is to the tooth's pulp. It can lead to inflammation within the tooth, which can't be fixed with a filling. That is why a dentist will recommend the root canal procedure if you are suffering from a very deep cavity since it is necessary to remove the nerve to help the pain go away.

You Have An Abscess

An abscess in a tooth will cause the enamel to open up, which allows bacteria to get into the tooth and cause the pulp to be infected. While an abscess can lead to pain in the tooth, it can have other effects on your body, such as a fever, swollen glands in your neck, and gums that are inflamed. If you do not notice those signs, you may have bad breath due to the abscess. A dentist will recommend a root canal to drain the tooth of the infection and stop the pain from occurring.

You Experienced Dental Trauma

Sometimes an accident--such as being in an auto accident, suffering from a sports-related injury, or having some bad luck and cracking a tooth while eating--can cause trauma to your tooth that leads to pain. Having a root canal performed will make you feel better by repairing any nerve damage that was caused due to the trauma.

You Have A Tooth With Multiple Cavities

Your teeth can have a ton of stress put on them when there are multiple cavities in the same tooth. The tooth can eventually become weak, which will allow bacteria to get inside it, or can cause inflammation that is painful. Root canals will help relieve those symptoms.

These are only a few reasons your dentist may recommend a root canal. If you suspect you need this dental procedure done, meet with a family dentist for a consultation.