The 3 Things Your New Dental Crown Will Protect You From

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If you're prepping to get a new dental crown, chances are you know that it's the ideal method of caring for your teeth following severe damage or intensive drilling. However, your dental crown does a lot more than provide a biting surface and a healthy-looking tooth. Here are three things that your new dental crown is going to do for your tooth.

1. Bacterial Intrusion

Dental crowns are extremely good tools for protecting you from the danger of bacteria. The part of your tooth that needs to be covered with a crown is likely missing its protective layer of enamel. That enamel is what helps to keep your teeth safe from bacteria responsible for tooth decay. When it's lost, nothing will keep the bacteria from damaging the interior surfaces of your tooth and potentially killing the tooth entirely. However, if a dental crown is put over the damage and sealed properly, nothing is going to get in there.

2. Crushing

Another common problem with teeth that need crowns is that they're vulnerable to damage. Teeth that are heavily drilled into or otherwise damage often lose their structural ability to withstand major pressure from biting and chewing. When this strength is lost, it can cause a tooth to become worn down or crushed if you bite down hard enough on it all at once. This is why simply filling the tooth typically isn't an option for deep drilling.

Your crown will take the brunt of the force on your tooth going forward. This means that limited force will be applied directly do your damaged tooth, which should be sufficient to prevent it from being badly damaged.

3. Sensitivity

Lastly, a good crown will keep you from having tooth pain when you eat, drink, and chew. When the inner part of your tooth is exposed, the nerves of your tooth are closer to the surface. Anything that touches the inside of your tooth will likely hurt, even if you're just trying to drink or eat. 

This sensitivity can be unbearable, but dental crowns take care of that, too. They shield your tooth from any external substances that could hurt it, and they also prevent the sensitive parts of your tooth from being touched. As a result, you should experience no pain once your crown is finished being installed.

Dental crowns are some of the most reliable tools that a dentist has at their disposal. If you're experiencing any kind of discomfort leading into getting a dental crown, rest assured that once that crown is in place, you should feel just fine. For more information, contact a dental office like David Russell DDS, Inc.