Why Crooked Teeth Are More Than A Cosmetic Issue

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Crooked teeth are a cosmetic burden for many people who have them. But the appearance of crooked teeth is not the only thing to worry about. Here are some of the issues that can come up with crooked teeth.

Chronic Pain

Sometimes, chronic pain can be related to crooked teeth, and you may not even realize it. When teeth are not vertically aligned, they can press upon the teeth next to them. That ongoing tension can be responsible for toothaches, jaw tension, and sometimes even headaches.

Problems with Brushing and Flossing

A tooth that's awkwardly placed also creates brushing and flossing problems. It may cover part of another tooth's surface or make it hard to reach nooks and crannies within your mouth.

Problems with Spacing

One misplaced tooth can throw an entire row out of whack. If the tooth doesn't fill its space entirely, or it takes up part of a neighbor's space, all of the teeth next to it will be pushed out of correct and healthy alignment.


So, let's talk about the treatments for crooked teeth. It will, of course, vary based on the severity of the crooked teeth and the age of the patient.

For children with crooked teeth, nothing may be done right away. If teeth are still growing and shifting, or if there are baby teeth left, then doing any dental intervention may be counterproductive or unnecessary. A dentist will evaluate the maturity of teeth and potentially recommend braces if many teeth have come in crooked. Orthodontics is the best solution when multiple teeth are crooked or are poorly spaced, causing the whole set of teeth to be out of place. This is the best way to create the room necessary to align teeth back into their appropriate spots.

If it's just an issue of one tooth and a more isolated section of the mouth, more simple treatments are possible. Sometimes, a single tooth can be removed or reshaped to provide better spacing. Dental implants of a different size can be used when one tooth is too big or small or is coming in sideways. The other teeth can fall more naturally around the implant. Dental veneers are another solution; the dentist can file away part of the troublesome tooth and use the veneer to give the tooth a more normal appearance. In any of these cases, treatment will be designed to provide better cosmetic and structural fit within your mouth.

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