Helpful Information About Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Do you feel as though there is no hope for you to bring your bad dental health back to a good condition? No matter how severe your dental condition might be, it is possible that a dentist will be able to bring you satisfactory results. For instance, you can undergo full mouth reconstruction when there are numerous dental problems present. Take a look at this article to learn how a dentist can restore a few of the dental conditions via full mouth reconstruction.

Treating Diseased Gums

If your gums are always bleeding and inflamed, it is likely due to you having gum disease. A dentist can find out which type of gum disease you are suffering from when they check you. For instance, you are either suffering from gingivitis or the disease has progressed into periodontitis. Gingivitis is the easiest type to treat because you might only need your teeth cleaned, as well as take antibiotics for a short while. Periodontitis is more complicated to treat because it can affect your health in numerous ways, which means treatment will depend on your specific condition.

Contouring Gums

If your gums crowd on your teeth, it is possible for them to be contoured during the full mouth reconstruction process. The bad thing about gums doing this is that they cause your teeth to smaller. An unusual amount gums also show when you are smiling. A dentist can basically trim the gums to create a more natural look.

Reserving Damaged Teeth

Just because teeth are in bad shape does not mean that they cannot be brought back to a good condition. Any of your damaged teeth that can be saved, will be, as natural teeth are the best to have in your mouth. The process of reserving damaged teeth might include the dentist filling in cavities if they are not too large. Filling the cavities in can prevent the decay from becoming worse as long as you get into the habit of keeping your teeth clean. Teeth with large cavities can possibly be reserved as well, such as by crowns being placed on them.

Replacing Missing Teeth

If any of your teeth have fallen out due to poor dental care, reconstruction might involve reworking weak jawbones via the bone grafting procedure. The dentist can then replace the missing teeth by installing dental implants. You will enjoy dental implants because they closely mimic natural teeth.

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