Anti-Aging Through Facelift Dentistry

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When you think of anti-aging, botox and other similar cosmetic procedures likely come to mind. However, proponents say that getting your teeth fixed can be just as effective when it comes to improving your appearance and reducing the signs of aging. Anti-aging dentistry is much more than getting your teeth whitened. The main focus is to improve the shape of your face. Procedures such as Face Lift dentistry are meant for this purpose. If you're interested in how dentistry can help reduce the appearance of aging, here's what you should know.


Dentists who offer Face Lift dentistry strive to improve the shape of your face through innovative dental techniques. Each dentist tailors the approach based on your specific needs. For example, he may recommend building out your back teeth with laminates and veneers to lift your cheekbones and lengthen your face, with the goal of making your face fuller and more youthful. As you age, teeth wear down and become shorter; this is accelerated if you grind your teeth. When this happens, the face looks shorter and older.

Bite Correction

Improving the position of your jaw to correct an over-bite or under-bite can improve your facial profile. An over-bite is a misalignment of the jaw where the upper teeth push the chin back towards the jaw joint. Whereas an under-bite is a misalignment that causes the lower teeth to stick out past the upper teeth. Both conditions affect the appearance of your face. For example, an over-bite typically causes the face to appear short and round, and makes the chin look smaller, all of which are associated with looking older. Bite correction lengthens the face, making it look less squished, which also helps smooth out wrinkles. Previously, dentists treated bite correction with jaw surgery. Now, you have non-invasive alternatives to choose from.

What to Expect

Each person's teeth and jaw mechanics are unique. For this reason, your dentist will schedule a first visit to carefully examine your mouth and jaw. He will examine how your jaw moves when you speak and the position of your jaw when your mouth is closed. Many dentists use special imaging technology to determine the best position for your jaw. You'll be able to see how your profile and facial shape will improve with the determined treatment. He may also take X rays and models of your teeth so that he can show you a few different options and approaches to choose from.

For more information about anti-aging dentistry, talk with professional dentists, like Dr. Mahnaz Rashti.