Opting For Overdentures

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Did you go through the embarrassment of your dentures falling out while you were dining at a restaurant? If you want more security that your dentures will remain in place, you may want to opt for getting overdentures. In this article, learn why overdentures may be right for you and how much money you can expect to spend on them.

Why Should You Consider Overdentures?

The great thing about overdentures is that they won't move around in your mouth no matter what kind of food you are eating. Dental implants are used for holding overdentures in place. There are holes in overdentures to attach them to the implants for security.

Keep in mind that you can take care of overdentures just like the regular ones. Simply take them out to sanitize them each day and keep them brushed to avoid food from accumulating on them.

It is important for you to have healthy jawbones in the areas of your mouth where dental implants are being placed for the overdentures. If an x-ray reveals that your jawbones are not strong enough to keep implants in place, you can undergo bone grafting.

What Happens if Bone Grafting is Needed for Overdentures?

During the bone grafting procedure, the dentist will have to remove unhealthy jawbones and then replace the jawbones with the prepared grafted bone.

The replacement for the unhealthy jawbone can come from your own body, such as bone from your hips. However, if you don't want bone taken from your own body, the graft can come from a cadaver.

How Much are Overdentures Estimated to Cost?

You are looking to spend at least $3,500 or more for your overdentures. The estimated price reflects getting two or more implants to hold the removable denture place in place. It may be possible for the dentist to transform your old dentures into overdentures by installing holes in them for the dental implants. The overall price will depend on what kind of dentures you decide to opt for.

If you need bone grafting for the dental implants, you can expect the procedure to cost and additional $200 or more. Using a bone graft from your own body will be more expensive, after you may have to spend time in the hospital during and after surgery is performed.

Speak to a professional dentist, like those at Family Dental Office​, about getting overdentures as soon as possible!